Ophthalmology Courses For Young Ophthalmologists

Being faculty staff members, Our team members has allowed us to initiate multiple educational courses covering nearly all clinical and academic ophthalmological aspects that need to be covered by young ophthalmologists, allowing for a safer and more step wise oriented approach for ophthalmic problems management.

Courses have been available and will always be covering;

  • Basic ophthalmology courses including; basic anatomy, physiology and optics of a human eye.
  • Basic and advanced courses for mastering Ophthalmic surgical techniques.
  • Advanced corneal and refractive instruction courses.
  • Advanced tips and tricks courses for mastering cataract surgery, performed with hands on training under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Omar Yousef.
  • An educational course for Squint and pediatric ophthalmology specialists.
  • Oculoplastic course from A to Z, an instructive course for specialized oculoplastists

Still the plan is on going for a whole lot more courses to be added to the calendar, so stay tuned.

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